Yoni steam deposit for appointment


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 Please email info@nerissanefeteri.com to book your appointment date before paying the required deposit   . The deposit fee is nonnegotiable. The deposit will be put towards your final payment.  

Deposits are not refundable. You may reschedule your appointment .

A standard Steam is $50 and it comes with refreshments 



Steam package prices are between $60-$120 with add ons .  

To add west African Libido Boosting and Vaginal Lubrication Herbs to your steam it will be an additional $12

Full experience is between 60-75 minutes. A Steam session is 30 minutes. Steaming over 30 minutes is  not recommended.

No purses allowed inside the steam room  

If you book a Steam for Monday or Sunday then only one additional person is allowed to come to the appointment with you . 

You do not have an appointment if your deposit is not paid!!


Steam session location Address: 20735 NW 2nd Ave Miami Fl 33169


Yoni Steam Certified with Steamy Chick 


When You cannot Steam :

  • When you’re pregnant 
  • When you’re on your cycle 
  • During a miscarriage 
  • After Insemination While Trying to Conceive
  • If you have Spontaneous Heavy Bleeding or 2 periods a month 
  • If you are having hot flashes before your appointment 

If you have an IUD you can only steam for 10 minutes .

We do not give steams to customers that have IUDs at this location