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“Most commonly, vaginal steaming is used by midwives for postpartum care right after a woman has a baby. 

Vaginal steaming is also used as a hygenic post-period practice to get any left-over blood out of the vaginal tract once the period is over.

Lastly, vaginal steaming is used to treat gynecological problems. Cramps, trouble conceiving, infections, fibroids, cysts, dryness...vaginal steaming helps to naturally get rid of the problem. 

From the first period to post-menopause, it is an important tool for self-care.” - Steamy Chick

-You cannot steam when pregnant . You can steam 6 weeks postpartum or when your midwife clears you 

-Steaming over 10 minutes with an IUD can cause your IUD to come out 

-Labor Prep steams should be done by your local steam practitioner